Gobblin’ Goblin


Lavona Thorndyke Roush
Illustrator:  Bob Manthey

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If you have ever misplaced something, but are sure you left it just there… it may be that your home has a Gobblin’ Goblin! This mischievous, almost invisible creature, with an elephant-like nose and eyes in the back of his head, likes to take your everyday things and hide them where you least expect them. This is a lovely story created by Lavona Thorndyke Roush for her grandchildren many years ago when they complained that their toys were missing. She then applied it to her husband when he complained of losing his eyeglasses and car keys.  Finally illustrated and published when she was in her eighties, it is an enduring tale of a grandmother who is “just a little bit different” and who entertains with stories at the same time she makes a point. If you are a “just a little bit different,” or have children or grandchildren who are always “losing” things, then this is the perfect gift for them. After all, they might have a Gobblin’ Goblin roaming around their home, too!