Get to or Got To?

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Dr. Gary Schwantz

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Get to or Got To?Dr. Gary Schwantz

So why this book? Perhaps because, like the author, you are an original member of the “dark side,” someone who sees life as one obligation piled upon the next. Get To or Got To is about actually enjoying life and reveals how even those who see life as an obligation (a “Got To”) can instead choose the “Get To” view. Written for those of us who so easily find the dark clouds associated with the silver lining, thing book delivers hope and restores perspective on the privilege of living life.

“This Books is laugh-out-loud funny!… profoundly wise and deeply moving meditation.”
John Benjamin Hickey, Broadway actor, New York City, NY

“Articulate, captivating ad Flynn told, profoundly true.”
Miriam Lieber, President, Lieber Consulting, Los Angeles, CA

“Gary Schwantz is my favorite cornbread Lao-Tsu, and this small book is chock full of the best of his Bubba-Zen.”
Andy WIlkinson, singer, songwriter, Lubbock, TX

Dr. Gary Schwantz is a lifetime educator and nationally known speaker no the topic of making the most of life. Gary lives in Lubbock, Texas, with his wonderful wife, Janet. To learn more about Dr. Gary, visit his website

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