Flip Your Focus: How to Free Your Mind, Make Great Decisions, and Move Forward Effectively


Patty Jackson

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Don’t waste your life hoping for things to change.

 Never underestimate the power of your focus! You can free yourself from the thoughts and feelings that weigh you down and make progress hard. Flip Your Focus reveals the normal human stuff going on inside you and how you can use those things to transform stress of any kind into a confident, clear path forward.

Author Patty Jackson shares simple pictures and six tools that will show you how to navigate life from the inside out, setting your life GPS in the direction you want to go.

Overcome anything from small challenges to debilitating anxiety, over-sensitivity, ADHD, and relationship conflicts. Instead of worrying, ruminating, exploding, micromanaging, or getting stuck, tap into your inner strength and ability to lead positive change.

Free downloadable tools and a daily guided journal included.