Feng Shui for Home Sale


Alex Hartwell and Rhainey Watts-Cunningham

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Want to sell your home quickly and easily? Feng Shui can make a unique contribution to the home sale process by focusing on energy and balance rather than just physical appearance. This book introduces basic approaches that can be easily and inexpensively implemented by the homeowner or realtor to attract more buyers, invite positive attention to the property, remove buyer objections, smooth out the entire selling process and generate a quick profitable home sale.

Learn about:
  • How Angles and Shars negatively affect your home sale
  • The Bagua as a tool for restoring balance
  • The Run-thru, a serious Feng Shui problem
  • Physical and Energetic Balance
  • Selection and installation of Cures and Enhancements
  • How the five elements factor in your home sale
  • Attached Garages, Stairways and Bathrooms and their Feng Shui affect

As you read through the book, you will be guided through 9 particular areas of focus and offered Feng Shui adjustments that will best prepare your home for sale. Give your home the extra advantage that Feng Shui offers. Sell more quickly and closer to the listing price. Apply this practical basic approach and make selling your home more profitable and enjoyable.