Enter Into My Rest: The Mysteries of Living and Dying Revealed


Author: John Thomas Fuhler | Read Reviews
Illustrator: Lori Dobberstein

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This book is the story of one man’s journey from suicide to sanity, from the depths of inner hell to beyond the boundaries of the Universe. You are invited to join him on the journey through death and miraculous healing, encounters with angels, ancestors and aliens, all the way to visions of the Throne of Glory!
This is a story of the redemption of a self-proclaimed agnostic of no merit whatsoever. Along the way he finds the secret treasures of joy and peace that transform his bitterness and anger into compassion. In these troubling times, this message is a balm for the brokenhearted. It is the ultimate love story!
Also available in Audible / audio book and e-book format. 16 illustrations and 10 photos.