Energy Bubbles 101 by Patty Jackson

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Patty Jackson

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Energy Bubbles 101 by Patty JacksonSometimes life is easy. It just flows. Other times it feels like nothing is right and we are powerless. But we never are.

Energy Bubbles 101 provides a simple method for children of all ages to learn how to step back into the flow and create happy, fulfilling, joyous life experiences.

I absolutely loved this book! It’s a wonderful contribution. I can’t wait to use it with my elementary yoga students and the teen girls in juvenile hall. It is so relevant to everyone!
—Mary Lynn Fitton

Founder of the Art of Yoga Project, Palo Alto, CA
I very much enjoyed reading this! The fundamental concepts are lifechanging,
healing, and an incredible gift when people want to integrate them
into their lives.
—Erik Swenson, Spiritualist
Founder of A Spirited Place, Wisconsin

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