Eliminate Bottom Feeders: The Proven Way to Attract Extraordinary People

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Lisa Mohr


Created by Lisa Mohr, author of Mohr Infinite Wisdom and six other books, this book offers step-by-step instructions to transform your life into one of simplicity and freedom.

Among this book’s many life-changing insights, you will discover:

  • who the “energy vampires” are in your world
  • the old patterns that no longer serve you or others
  • how to achieve your highest vibrational frequency to become your best YOU
  • how to redirect or eliminate the bottom feeders in your life
  • how to model integrity and grace in every moment
  • how to recognize and honor yourself and make YOU a priority!

Also included are journal pages throughout the book, and a link for a downloadable, interactive Word document to type your many thoughts and “aha” moments.

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