Dr. Eno’s A-to-Z Guide to Thriving with Type 2 Diabetes


Eno Nsima-Obot, MD

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Born in London and raised in Nigeria, Dr. Eno Nsima-Obot is a board certified primary care physician with over 20 years of experience caring for adults living with chronic illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes. During her years in clinical practice, she noticed that a lot of her patients approached their diagnosis with a sense of despair, overwhelm, and resignation. They seemed to live in constant fear of developing complications from Type 2 diabetes. Never one to back down from a challenge, she set out to help her patients change their mindset.

By providing her patients with simple, practical information on living and even thriving with diabetes, Dr. Nsima-Obot found that her patients became motivated and focused on taking action. Most of her patients were better able to control their blood sugar by adapting healthier lifestyles. After a patient requested that she write this book, she decided to bring her creativity to this project and use the letters of the alphabet to address different aspects of diabetes care in an easy to understand way.

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