Don’t Shoot the Soul’s Messengers

$18.95 Before WI tax

Jeanine Gaynor


Don’t Shoot the Souls’ Messengers, Jeanine Gaynor’s poignant life story could be likened to a piece of Swiss cheese, riddled with holes, better with age and tasty to the last morsel through seemingly insurmountable acts of courage and adversity. Betrayed by her family of origin through emotional abuse and neglect, raped at the age of seventeen by an unsuspecting perpetrator, traversing the mine fields of San Francisco’s Vietnam anti-war era, navigating the treacherous 1960s Haight Ashbury drug revolution, and being utilized as a ramrod by the corporate machine as a high-level executive, survival seemed tenuous, especially for a highly sensitive, intuitive old soul.

Through her story, Jeanine has given a voice to all of those who are silently suffering with a physical illness that began as whisperings from the soul, but remained unheard and led to a spiritual crises which eventually manifested in the physical body.

This powerful and compelling story is engaging and written straight from the heart. It arouses deep emotions and invites the reader to explore their deepest inner world from a place of compassion versus contempt, bitterness and negativity. Join Jeanine on her journey of peeling away a lifetime of layers to a place of self discovery, acceptance and a cracked open heart.