Dear Husband: Letters to an Addict


Nancy Peterson

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Dear Husband is a powerful, intimate book about loving an addict. Nancy tells her story through a series of letters written to her husband over the course of many years. The letters begin two decades into their marriage, when an already rocky relationship becomes increasingly untenable. This book illuminates their struggles and that of their family with honesty, heartbreak, and humor.

This is a story of sadly universal appeal: it is for anyone who has loved an alcoholic or addict, shared a life with one, or had his or her life affected by one. Nancy’s story is unique in its epistolary approach, and sheds light on love and life’s many shades of gray. People often say to any victim in an abusive relationship “Just leave!” – but it is never that simple, nor that easy.

This is the portrait of a shared life, with all of its flaws but also its fullness