Dark Horse at Oak Lane Stable


Kerri Lukasavitz

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Now that Cassie is fourteen, she can’t wait to ride in the Junior Division at horse shows, with their taller fences and higher stakes. But her new show jumper, Night Hawk, proves to be more than she can handle. Had her dad been right about Night Hawk? Did she make a huge mistake wanting to buy and show him? Will she ever win any of her jumper classes if she’s afraid to ride the tall, dark horse that she can’t control?

And to complicate things more, Cassie sees Ben Winters at a horse show—the cute jumper rider she met last summer. How will she deal with her new crush when her old heartthrob, Tommy, wants to date her again, then a secret admirer leaves a Valentine’s Day card for her?

Book 3 in the Oak Lane Stable Adventure Series addresses girls’ negative body images, adjusting to new environments, and facing fears brought on by trying something new, even when the impulse is to quit and turn back to what once felt safe and familiar.