Dark Corner of the Mind


Anonimo, Anthony

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Reading this book is addicting in itself! Pick it up once, and you’re hooked.

Addiction to heroin and other drugs, legal and illegal, has grown to epidemic proportions worldwide, impacting a drastically increasing number of people and their families.

“Dark Corner of the Mind” exposes the real-life experiences a person very rarely lives to describe and opens windows of understanding to an addict’s thoughts and actions.

Author Anthony Anonimo is one of the rare survivors of this chaotic lifestyle and far-reaching poor decisions. His is a story that usually could only be told from the grave of one of addiction’s many victims. Anonimo’s heartfelt and brutally honest account describes the real-life deceit in our society that manifests itself through greed, power, and white-collar crime, all of which he played a role in creating.

This powerful and poignant memoir takes readers to whole new level of understanding of addiction itself, the depth of its insanity, and the path of destruction it leaves behind.