Daily Meditations: 100 Days of Love and Light for Your Spiritual Growth


Beth Christiansen

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“This book is intended to be read just a few pages at a time, to inspire one to mindfully contemplate one’s life in a postive way. It is a wonderful way to assure you touch base with your spiritual side daily. Each verse is designed to help us find the sacred in every moment and experience what we have.” — Joyce Woods

“The author communicates God’s message in a simple yet profound voice. She speaks to us about our spiritual practice and the divine encounters with God day by day, allowing us to shine a light pointing out the path forward. It is an acknowledgment that you are loved and held in the embrace of a higher power.” –Manjula Chilakapati

About the Author: Beth began practicing meditation fourteen years ago. In the meditative state, it’s possible to be one with God. She has found this to be a great source of comfort and personal growth. With this project, Beth has combined her love of God and nature to present a source of hope and encouragement to everyone seeking a deeper relationship with God.