Cupola Kitty


Written by Terri Gingold
Illustrated by Kinga Martin

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Help Mama Kitty search for her lost son Fluffy. Join the neighborhood animals as they problem solve a way to rescue Fluffy from a snow-covered cupola. What will happen when a family of raccoons, two skunks, and a clever opossum work together to bring Fluffy safely back to his Mama? Here is a delightful story about love, cooperation, and friendship.
“Cupola Kitty is a delightful read and beautifully illustrated book for all ages. We are deeply humbled and grateful that 100% of the royalties from the sale of this book are being donated to the Wisconsin Humane Society, which annually serves 40,000 animals and the people who love them.”
—Wisconsin Humane Society
“The power of teamwork and ingenuity will inspire children as they become part of Cupola Kitty’s adventure.  The vivid illustrations reflect the action and ingenuity of the animals.  The engaging prose gives children the opportunity to predict the possibilities and become part of the story.  Everyone should be as lucky as Cupola Kitty to have friends like that!”
—Kathy Wiarek, Site Director, Milestones Programs for Children
“Cupola Kitty is a wonderful tale of adventure and friendship. A young kitty is in a predicament that causes his friends to rally together and use teamwork to help solve a big problem! Children will be drawn in by the colorful pictures and will love how this story ends!”
—Susan Ketterhagen, Kindergarten Teacher, O. W. Holmes School, Milwaukee Public Schools
“What happens outside our windows when we’re at play and work?  Gingold’s neighborhood animals have an adventure filled with relatable childhood concerns like problem solving and getting separated from an adult, as well as the importance of helping others.  Martin’s watercolors fold you into the stillness of a snowy day.  A cozy read for any day — winter or not.”
—Amanda Kendall, Milestones Plymouth Site Facilitator