Color Me Safe: A Woman’s Self-Defense Coloring Book


Author: Wes Manko
Illustrator: David Fliss

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Sexual assault has become an epidemic, especially in university or college settings.

At least one in four women will be assaulted in her lifetime.

The truth is that many people already know the information contained in this adult coloring book, but don’t have the time or money to take a self-defense course.

The information provided offers some common-sense, realistic ways to protect oneself from some of the most common types of attacks.

Wes Manko, MPA, owner and chief instructor of DEFENSEWORKS, and author of Your Best Defense: Smart Strategies for Staying Safe, compiled this information in coloring book format to help reduce fear and stress, while teaching practical strategies and self-defense techniques.

Skillfully illustrated by caricaturist David Fliss, this book provides 24 images you can color and demonstrate ways you can defend yourself from attackers.