Choosing New Ways Forward 3-Pack


Elizabeth Jo

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Book 1: Shifting Our Relationship with Trauma

Choosing New Ways Forward is a book series that will invite conversation around shifting our relationship with ourselves, each other, and our world. Book 1: Shifting Our Relationship with Trauma begins this conversation. By taking the mystery out of trauma, we can learn to recognize our relationship with it and the role that we play. In taking a moment, with curiosity and care, we can realize where we are and actually hear ourselves, creating the possibility of a new relationship with ourselves and our lives.
Book 2: How Do I Get to be Me?
How Do I Get to be Me? offers relief from this burden and strife, giving us a new place to stand and new ways to practice ourselves as we discover and choose new ways forward. Practical and concrete conversations open inner and shared spaces where questions can be curiously and safely embraced. As possibilities develop and are recognized, new choices can be explored and practiced.
Book 3: Knowing Love
Knowing Love is a poetic journey that unravels the essence of love for the reader. As this poem unfolds, we come to know Love’s characters, friends who are traveling together from winter to spring. We have an opportunity to join in, intimately experiencing Love’s dynamic relationship with life.