Beyond Ambition: Lessons in Leadership, Mentorship, and Relationships–Memoirs of a Kid from Gary, Indiana

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For more than six decades, John Crnokrak (Sir-No-Crack) has been helping people believe in themselves and grow into positive, productive members of society. Whether in athletics, sales, academia, or manufacturing, John’s experience and guidance have produced amazing success for those he led.

Beyond Ambition: Lessons in Leadership, Mentorship, and Relationships: Memoirs of a Kid from Gary, Indiana  is a compilation of his sage advice, practical applications, hands-on, “roll-your-sleeves-up” coaching questions, and much more. If you are looking to become an effective leader or hone your leadership skills, this is the book for you.

What others are saying about John Crnokrak and “Beyond Ambition”:

While executive coaching is not uncommon in the corporate world, I know that this is a new concept for college and university leadership. And especially community college leadership. We are breaking new ground in our collaboration with Mr. Crnokrak, and the results are very gratifying. —Louis S. Albert, Ph.D., President, West Campus, Pima Community College

The changes John Crnokrak [has brought to our organization] have been noticeably positive and … created a stronger, more cohesive leadership   team.   —Carolyn Reynolds, Director of Administrative Services, Pima County Community College District

John Crnokrak’s personal and professional experiences, challenges, and successes make him an approachable, humane, and authentic individual with excellent coaching and communication skills.
—M. B. Ginter, Ph.D.