Aisha: Scientist, Spy, Superhero


Lora Hyler | Read Reviews

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It’s summertime!

A classroom of fidgety 7th graders from Windsor Middle School’s Advanced Science 303 classroom are excited, but sad. No one in the class has received a Golden Ticket to attend the prestigious All Star Summer Science Academy to continue their CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing experiments. They successfully battled international goons to keep their work.

Aisha, Marty, Christopher and Wade can’t think of anything better than working the entire summer in a science lab at the lake. Swimming, fishing, boating, and all the S’mores you can eat. Best of all, no parents, and no goons! Sitting behind bars, the goons are harmless.

Yet, thousands of miles away on a plane crossing the ocean, weary passengers are holding their noses. All except Tall Cougher and Bad Breath, oblivious to their stench filling the cabin. The goons can’t wait until they land again in America and touch down near the scenic lake setting of the All Star Summer Science Academy. They salivate thinking about the big payday awaiting them when they snare the CRISPR-Cas9 data for their home country. The students’ superpowers and spy gadgets savvy will have to be stopped once and for all.