29 Strokes to Lavish Your Lover

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Lisa Mohr, LMT


When was the last time you lavished your lover with your touch and your absolute desire to treat your partner to a wonderful massage?

Lisa Mohr, LMT, has created this hands-on, fun guide to releasing tension, enhancing relaxation, improving communication, and enjoying one another even more—through massage.

A licensed massage therapist since 1995, Lisa Mohr shares the secrets of the professionals that you can practice in the safe and intimate environment of your  own home.

Techniques for these amazing 29 time-proven strokes are demonstrated using photos, words, and online video clips. Strokes include:

• Palm hearts

• Gentle arm, finger, and leg “milking”

• Back push-pulls

• Butterfly (back)

• Rump rainbows

• 10,000 hands

Includes FREE online step-by-step videos for each stroke!

Learn More at: www.LavishYourLover.com

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