12 Methods to Make Your ABE Students Comfortable—Even Before the Learning Starts


Ezi Adesi

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12 Methods to Make Your ABE Students Comfortable is a practical handbook for adult basic education program managers, directors, and administrators who want to build maximum comfort among incoming students, delivered in a direct and comprehensible way. It can be a great tool for the continuing education professional as well.

Author Ezi Adesi, Director of Adult Basic Education & Programs at an adult literacy organization in Madison, Wisconsin, equips ABE professionals with 12 simple methods to help:

  • remove emotional and psychological barriers, including anxiety  and fear among students
  • build comfort among students before they ever enter a classroom
  • increase the probability of student “buy-in”
  • motivate and energize adult students to persist in educational programs

After reading the tips presented in this handbook, readers will better understand the psycho-social aspects of adult students, and how to enter their world through cultural awareness and different forms of interpersonal communication. Readers will also learn how to develop new methods for student motivation and empowerment.