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Local writer has humorous style

Local writer has humorous style

Each column allows readers to dive into the funny, heartfelt world of Matt Geiger.

Doug Moe, Madison Magazine
Dec 12 2016

What I want to know is: How has there been this delightful writer living in my area code for more than a decade and I’ve just heard about him?

It’s true that his first book was released just last week, and that he writes columns for small newspapers that I don’t often see. But still. The world needs to know about Matt Geiger.

Consider this lead from an essay titled “Philosophy.”

“Calling home from college to tell your parents you are switching your major to philosophy and theology is a rather sobering experience for everyone involved.
“For them, it is much like a call from jail, only worse because instead of a one-time bail payment, you are essentially informing them you will require financial subsidies for the rest of your life. For you, it is perhaps even more difficult, because there is a slight chance this is the final straw and they will decline to pay for your food for the next fifty years. In my case, I had already made the call from jail a few years earlier, which surely did not help my chances.”

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