Darryl Strawberry talks about Lamar Odom, Drug & Sex Addiction on Dr. Oz Show

The Dr. Oz Show Season 9, episode 9067

TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 21, 2017 – Baseball legend Darryl Strawberry sat down with Dr. Mehmet Oz on The Doctor Oz Show to discuss the addiction epidemic that is overshadowing our country today. The episode will air Friday, Dec. 22, with show times varying depending on region.

Strawberry, now 14 years sober, has dedicated his life to helping others avoid the same pitfalls that he lived through, because he knows the power of getting help.

“I’m a living miracle today, and I sit here because of my wife pulling me out of dope houses 14 years ago,” he said.

Strawberry had a 17-year MLB career with the Mets, Dodgers, Giants and Yankees, was a National League Rookie of the Year, an eight-time All-Star, and a four-time World Series Champion. The entire time, Strawberry struggled with addiction. And it wasn’t only drugs and alcohol. On Dr. Oz, Strawberry opens up about his addiction to sex, admitting that he used to have sex between innings.

“It was a pretty crazy lifestyle,” he said. “In the middle of games, yeah, I would go between innings and run back and have a little party going and I thought it was pretty cool, but that’s just the addiction, the drive.”

Today, Strawberry runs Strawberry Ministries with his wife Tracy, and together they are dedicated to restoring lives and relationships. Additionally, the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center helps people in recovery, and Strawberry’s new book, Don’t Give Up on Me, delves into the reasons behind his addiction and the behavior that rocked his baseball career.

Addicts are always struggling. “They look good on the outside, but are never well on the inside,” he said. Through his public outreach, Strawberry seeks to help people who struggle with addiction transform inside and out.

For more information on Darryl Strawberry’s new book and book signing tour, visit www.sheddinglightonaddiction.com.

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