One Man’s Manic High Helped Him Write A Novel


Poison Pen is an offbeat look at American popular culture in a tale of redemption. The plot surrounds Jerry Most, the suicidal, acidic host of a death-defying game show. The book explores themes of life, death, and the deeper meaning of ’60s television shows like “The Beverly Hillbillies.”… Read the rest

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The Isthmus

From life to the page

Retired firefighter draws on experience for first novel

The Isthmus


After 28 years of working for the Milwaukee Fire Department, Madison native Gregory Renz has seen a thing or two.

Renz was a fire captain in inner-city Milwaukee, often encountering much more than dangerous fires — though he certainly saw his share of those.

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Lora L. Hyler: From shy bookworm to author creating a safe harbor for middle grade kids

Milwaukee Independent
Photographer: Lee Matz

Milwaukee Independent: What was the fondest memory of growing up in Racine, and who was the most influential person in your youth?

Lora L. Hyler: I grew up in a multicultural neighborhood populated with families who greatly respected my parents, and looked out for all the children as we freely played after school and throughout long summer days.… Read the rest

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Author Lora Hyler Finalist for DaVinci Eye Prize

“Congratulations. As part of the Eric Hoffer Award, The Stupendous Adventures of Mighty Marty Hayes was nominated for the da Vinci Eye.”

“Your book is still on track for a category prize, including the Hoffer Grand Prize. The da Vinci Eye is an additional distinction, awarded to books with outstanding cover art.Read the rest

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5-Star Review of “Margaret’s War” review of Margaret’s War
James Rowan

A pitch-perfect, superbly crafted story

This is the best novel about Wisconsin I have ever read, and I have lived in Wisconsin for more than 50 years. The story is set in a rural Wisconsin town during World War II, so it covers life in a setting in which I have not lived and is framed by events about which I personally know nothing.… Read the rest

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