Gentleman at Speed: Fred Wacker Jr.

By S. Scott Callan

What could be more appropriate for VeloceToday than an American racing French Gordinis in Europe? Read the rest

The New Deal lives: It just needs big fixes

Yes, the original New Deal was imperfect. F.D.R. and the New Dealers did not persuade Congress to pass all the programs they sought. Nor did they pursue all the reforms the Great Depression required or a worsening economy justifies. New Deal programs disproportionately excluded Blacks, Hispanics and women.

“Here’s the Deal,” Joe Biden—We Need a Big Jobs Program Now

Living the New Deal Blog
Dr. June Hopkins and David Riemer

In his first Inaugural Address in 1933, President Franklin … Read the rest

Getting it on the page

By John McNally
Managing Editor
Chicago Lawyer Magazine

Wilson Elser’s McDonough pens book about challenges and lessons learned from family … Read the rest

One Day at a Time: Managing Energy and Emotions in Trying Times

The IsthmusSusan will be share what she’s learned as a family caregiver at a special FREE event December 17, 5-6 p.m. open to the public. The presentation & open discussion is hosted by the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin.

Dennis De Rose’s Reviews of “Weepers”

Nick has a lot to say, and rightly so. I hope you're planning on writing a sequel, Nick, because Weepers deserves one. Thank you for hours of thrilling reading.

Character In Stressful Times

Attacking COVID-19 demands attention to clear communication, community involvement and character development. Communicating the best information— facts, definitions and calm consistency—as well as listening to and engaging the larger community is now part of leadership’s obligation.

Mary Dowell receives 2020 New York City Big Book Distinguished Favorites Award

Playing Through the Fence by first-time author Mary J. Dowell, is part memoir, part self help for emerging leaders or anyone seeking inspiration in her career journey.

Turning One of Life’s Biggest Challenges into Something Good

Hector Colón joins us today to talk about how he turned one of his biggest challenges into a learning experience, and what he learned about what it means to "love your bully".

Writescast 092 – Five Virtues for Authorship

What can a champion-boxer-turned-CEO teach authors about what it takes to thrive in the world of writing? A lot, it turns out, as Héctor Colón demonstrates through his five virtues for life, leadership, and authorship.

Champion boxer now champions the needs of others

“My journey continued with challenges, low expectations by others, set-backs, opportunities, and successes. Undeterred, I applied the same dedication, determination and discipline that it took to become a champion boxer to my new life striving for excellence in everything I do, whether it be as a husband, father, or CEO.”

Lora Hyler on Live with Kelly and Ryan

Author Lora Hyler and her family spoke with Kelly, on Live Kelly and Ryan, about her new book Our Bodies Stay Home, Our Imaginations Run Free.

“Cady and the Bear Necklace” Wins 2020 Michigan State History Award

“Cady and the Bear Necklace,” written by Ann Dallman of Menominee, MI, will receive a MI State History Award in the category of Books: Children & Youth.

When a Parent’s Changing Life Upends Yours

Susan’s book is a powerful inside look when a family member negotiates the myriad, often exhausting details of a healthcare crisis for each parent. This is a book like no other since it is a passionate, inside look at what it’s like to have a loved one 'missing' due to a disease with no cure.

In the End, Will Blood be ‘Thicker Than Water’?

Shepherd ExpressEddy and Will are brothers on separate paths. Although they live only a few miles apart, in the Northwoods town of Moon Lake, they might as well be on different planets.

5-Star Review of “Nancer the Dancer”

Author Judith Gwinn Adrian has triumphed with this heartfelt work that expresses so much more than a simple health advice book could ever give you about living with a chronic and debilitating illness.

Héctor Colón on The Bill and Kali Show

Read the rest

Héctor Cólon One-on-One Interview with Paul M. Neuberger

Hector on young gunsHéctor Cólon, President and CEO of Lutheran Social Services of WIsconsin and Upper Michigan joins Paul M. Neuberger for a discussion spanning servant leadership, boxing, and the best three pieces of advice he could give to someone looking to stay sharp.


I urge you to listen to the dear children in your lives or community. Do more listening than talking. Read a book to them. Provide nurturing and comfort.

Lora Hyler interviewed for Jedlie’s ‘Read to Your Kids’ Podcast

Jed Doherty, host of Reading with Your kids interviewed Lora Hyler for his podcast. They discussed how Lora’s new book,… Read the rest