Lora Hyler on Live with Kelly and Ryan

Author Lora Hyler and her family spoke with Kelly, on Live Kelly and Ryan, about her new book Our Bodies Stay Home, Our Imaginations Run Free.


I urge you to listen to the dear children in your lives or community. Do more listening than talking. Read a book to them. Provide nurturing and comfort.

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New Coronavirus Book Helps Children Understand Changes in their Lives

Milwaukee Community Journal
May 29, 2020

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Nō Studios Podcast with Author Lora Hyler

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Lora L. Hyler: From shy bookworm to author creating a safe harbor for middle grade kids

Milwaukee Independent: If you could send a message 20 years into the future and another 20 years into the past, what would you ask your older self? And, what advice would you give your younger self?

Author Lora Hyler Finalist for DaVinci Eye Prize

Your book is still on track for a category prize, including the Hoffer Grand Prize. The da Vinci Eye is an additional distinction, awarded to books with outstanding cover art. Approximately six books receive this award each year.

Meaningful ways to celebrate Martin Luther King Day for kids and adults

You’ve no shortage of books that can help impart King’s legacy and its lasting importance. Middle-grade readers with interest in superheroes may appreciate books like “The Stupendous Adventures of Mighty Marty Hayes” by Lora L. Hyler.

16 new books worth reading in 2019, including Nickolas Butler and a ‘Fonz’ murder mystery

In Hyler's middle-grade novel, a multicultural class of 7th graders get involved in gene editing, spy gadgets and superpowers.

Review: Mighty Marty Hayes Takes Readers On An Interesting Spy Adventure

Marty Hayes has a secret. He has super powers! The only people who know about this is Marty’s family and his best friend Christopher.


Mighty Marty HayesAn African-American tween uses espionage skills and superpowers in this debut middle-grade novel. A thrilling tale with series potential that highlights science, spying, black history, and the importance of family.

Meet the author of “The Stupendous Adventures of Mighty Marty Hayes”

Mighty Marty Hayes It was a treat to read this book in advance. It’s a fast-paced adventure about kids who have a love for science, a fascination for all things spy related, and are just realizing that they have inherited some special talents. Smartly written, not only with the inclusion of science, the book also delights with a diverse cast of characters and well-placed references to civil rights’ history and more.

Glendale author’s “Mighty Marty Hayes” combines Black Panther with Harry Potter

Mighty Marty Hayes“Smartly written, not only with the inclusion of science, the book also delights with a diverse cast of characters and well-placed references to civil rights history and more. This could be an excellent jumping off point for some nonfiction reading about Harriet Tubman, the Tuskegee Airmen, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ruby Bridges. I highly recommend this read.” – Valerie Biel, author of Circle of Nine series, Lost Lake Press

Loro Hyler featured on KidLit 411

Mighty Marty HayesMy son, William was my inspiration for the novel. I’ve always loved adventure stories. I combined multicultural superheroes, with a love of science and spy gadgets, added a dash of American Civil Rights and spy history, and voila! THE STUPENDOUS ADVENTURES OF MIGHTY MARTY HAYES was born.

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Mighty Marty Hayes

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