“Beneath the Flames” Wins Outstanding Fiction Award

Greg Renz, author of Beneath the Flames, received the award Outstanding Fiction from the Independent Authors Network.Read the rest

BENEATH THE FLAMES is the 2019 Gold Medal Award Winner

beneath the flamesBENEATH THE FLAMES is the 2019 Gold Medal Award Winner in Fiction-General in The Readers' Favorite International Book Award competition.

Hero Firefighter/Author to Address PTSD in First Responders at DeForest Library Monday, July 22

Since his book was published a few weeks ago Renz, who has not personally experienced PTSD, has been surprised by the number of responses from active and retired firefighters regarding the topic of PTSD. It is presented in intimate detail in his novel.

A story taken from the headlines

The author draws on the power of forgiveness, hope and redemption in telling a compelling narrative.

From life to the page

The IsthmusRenz’s debut novel tackles such themes as forgiveness, redemption and family. It also provides a behind-the-scenes look at a fire department... Renz’s book was a “realistic portrayal” of how racism plays out both in the city and on the staff.