Unlocking mysteries and family secrets

David B Bohl will be telling his story and signing copies of his book, “Parallel Universes: The Story of Rebirth”, at the DeForest Area Public Library on May 3.

David B Bohl to appear on ALL ABOUT LIVING with Carol Koby

At seven days old, David Bohl was adopted into a loving family. Even as he was embraced and doted on by parents who told him he was special because he was adopted, he felt confused about who he was. Why had someone relinquished him? What was wrong with him? Streamed live on Hankonline.net.

David B Bohl to appear on the Money Sense radio show

David B. Bohl, author of Parallel Universes will appear on the Money Sense radio show with Karen Ellenbecker. The program will air Saturday, April 28th at 2:00 pm and Sunday, May 6th, at 12:00 Noon.

Who am I?

“Duality and addiction and later duality and recovery are challenging dance-steps for any of us,” he said. “How much more challenging is an integrated sense of identity if you’re adopted, if much of your past is locked away from you in someone else’s filing cabinet?”

One man’s journey to learn his roots

“My hope is that my story and my experiences can give others the courage to find their own way, and to go beyond the struggles that they may be carrying with them."

Interview with David B Bohl, Author “Parallel Universes”

Parallel Universes author David B. Bohl spoke with John Sheldon of Beyond Belief. Read the transcript or listen to the … Read the rest