Gentleman at Speed: Fred Wacker Jr.

By S. Scott Callan

What could be more appropriate for VeloceToday than an American racing French Gordinis in Europe? Author S.Scott Callan allowed us to publish part of his full length interview with the late Fred Wacker, below. Stay tuned as next week we’ll review the new biography of Fred Wacker authored by his son and Bob Birmingham.Read the rest

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The New Deal lives: It just needs big fixes

Yes, the original New Deal was imperfect. F.D.R. and the New Dealers did not persuade Congress to pass all the programs they sought. Nor did they pursue all the reforms the Great Depression required or a worsening economy justifies. New Deal programs disproportionately excluded Blacks, Hispanics and women.
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Getting it on the page

By John McNally
Managing Editor
Chicago Lawyer Magazine

Wilson Elser’s McDonough pens book about challenges and lessons learned from family life in Wisconsin Kathleen McDonough was ready to tell her story of growing up in southeastern Wisconsin.

McDonough, of counsel with Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, recently released “Badger State: A Wisconsin Memoir” that dives into her and her family’s growth and struggles in the city of Racine.… Read the rest

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Character In Stressful Times

Attacking COVID-19 demands attention to clear communication, community involvement and character development. Communicating the best information— facts, definitions and calm consistency—as well as listening to and engaging the larger community is now part of leadership’s obligation.
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Champion boxer now champions the needs of others

“My journey continued with challenges, low expectations by others, set-backs, opportunities, and successes. Undeterred, I applied the same dedication, determination and discipline that it took to become a champion boxer to my new life striving for excellence in everything I do, whether it be as a husband, father, or CEO.”
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When a Parent’s Changing Life Upends Yours

Susan’s book is a powerful inside look when a family member negotiates the myriad, often exhausting details of a healthcare crisis for each parent. This is a book like no other since it is a passionate, inside look at what it’s like to have a loved one 'missing' due to a disease with no cure.
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I urge you to listen to the dear children in your lives or community. Do more listening than talking. Read a book to them. Provide nurturing and comfort.
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