The following is a list of authors published by  or distributed through HenschelHAUS Publishing.  Books may be purchased through the HenschelHAUS catalog.

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Adesi, Ezi12 Methods to Make Your ABE Students
Comfortable—Even Before the Learning Starts
Admire, DavidSamir's RevengePurchase
Admire, DavidTerror in
Adrian, Judith Gwinn Tera’s Tale: Rebel on the RiverPurchase
Adrian, Judith Gwinn and DarRen MorrisIn Warm BloodPurchaseWebsite
Anonimo, AnthonyPoppy Seed: Revealing the Roots of the Opioid EpidemicPurchase
Anonimo, AnthonyDark Corner of the MindPurchase
Arthur, TerriFatal Decision: Edith Cavell, World War I NursePurchaseKindle Edition
Arthur, TerriFatal Destiny: Edith Cavell, World War I NursePurchaseKindle Edition
Arthur, TerriFatal Decision: Edith Cavell, World War I Nurse (audio)PurchaseKindle Edition
Arthur, TerriEdith Cavell, Nurse HeroPurchase
Artka, Aga and Jenny RebholzThe Brand of You: The Ultimate Guide for an Interior Designer's Career
Bartelt, MollieThe Pixologist's Guide to Creating a Memorable Photo BookPurchase
Bartelt, MollieThe Pixologist’s Guide to Organizing and Preserving Your Family Purchase
Bingham, RoseBuy the Little Ones A DollyPurchase
Bingham, RoseSay It Isn’t So … And Then Make LemonadePurchase
Birmingham, RobertBrooks Stevens and the Stevens Family Legacy: From Excaliburs to WienermobilesPurchase
Bohl, David BParallel UniversesPurchase
Botnik, Randi4th-Dimensional Healing: A Guidebook for a New Paradigm of HealingPurchaseKindle
Brust, Robert J.Human Understanding: An Engineer's Analysis of Life, Getting to the BasicsPurchase
Buhk Karen and SandyHappiness is Homemade in Door CountyPurchase
Carter, GeoffreyThe P.S. Wars Purchase
Cattuti, Carmela The AscentPurchase
Cattuti, Carmela Between the Cracks: One Woman's Journey from Sicily to AmericaPurchaseKindle
Chiarkas, NickWeepersHardcover/Paperback/
Christiansen, BethDaily MeditationsPurchaseKindle Edition
Cockerel, Larry and Debbie TackesIt's Not About You, It's About Those You
Cockerel, Larry It's Not About Cancer, It's About
Cockerel, Larry Selling Time! 123 Strategies to Achieve Greater Success
Cockerel, Larry Your Life Matters: How to Get Out of the Life You Don't Want and Live the Life You Do
Collins, KathyThe Mystic Chaplain: My
Conner, TimThe Head of the SnakePurchase
Concannon, MarkMettle & Honor: Wisconsin Stories from the BattlefieldPurchase
Cook, Marshall J. Glorious (a novel)Purchase
Cooks, DavidGetting UndressedPurchase
Crnokrak, JohnBe the Leader of the PackPurchaseKindle Edition
Dallman, AnnCady and the Bear NecklacePurchase
Deneen, RoseBaking With Vegetables: From the Garden to the OvenPurchase
Dowell, Mary J.Playing Through the
Eastvold, June NilssenThe Boys on the Porch: An Allegory--Bridges from Fear to FaithPurchaseKindle
Ellwanger, JosephStrength for the Struggle: Insights from the Civil Rights Movement and Urban MinistryPurchaseKindle Edition
Ernst, Carla Anne Life Without Pockets--My Long Journey into WomanhoodPurchase
Farmer, KennethChez Betty (a novel)Purchase
Geary, Cornelius All Heart: The Baseball Life of Frank TorrePurchase
Geiger, MattAstonishing Tales: Stories and EssaysPurchase
Geiger, MattThe Geiger Counter: Raised by Wolves and Other StoriesThe Geiger Counter
Gingold, JeffreyTunnel, Smuggle, Collect: A Holocaust BoyPurchaseKindle Edition
Goss, MargaretThe UncommittedPurchaseKindle
Green, DorrisWisconsin Underground: A Guide to Caves, Mines, and Tunnels in and Around the Badger StatePurchase
Green, DorisElsie’s Story: Chasing a Family
Grenier, Gail Young Voices from Wild Milwaukee: The Urban Ecology Center and MePurchase
Hartwell , Alex and Rhainey Watts-CunninghamFeng Shui for Home SalePurchase
Hartwell , Alex and Rhainey Watts-CunninghamFeng Shui TodayPurchase
Hamilton, Kathleen DA Legitimate Journey: Navigating Grief and Trials in the LightPurchase
Henschel, Edmund M. Municipal Shared Service and Consolidation HandbookPurchaseAn imprint of MavenMark Books
Hyler, Lora L. The Stupendous Adventures of Mighty Marty HayesPurchase
Jackson, PattyEnergy Bubbles 101Purchase
Karpek, DebCreating & Sustaining a Triving Reiki PracticePurchaseKindle Edition
Khatri, Bhupendra, MDHealthcare 911: How America’s broken healthcare system is driving doctors to despair, depriving patients of care, and destroying our reputation in the worldPurchase
Khatri, Bhupendra, MDHealing the Soul: Unexpected Stories of Courage, Hope, and the Power of MindPurchaseKindle Edition
Kocovsky, James The Composer and the BallerinaPurchase
Laundrie, Amy Laugh, Cry, Reflect Stories from a Joyful HeartPurchase
The LaymanThe Universal ManPurchase
Marshall, SusanLife. Be In It.PurchaseKindle Edition
Marshall, SusanOf Beauty and Substance: A Backbone Guide for WomenPurchaseKindle Edition
Author Site
Mazor, YairThe Hidden BiblePurchase
Manko, WesColor Me Safe: A Woman's Self-Defense Coloring BookPurchase
Manko, WesYour Best Defense: Smart Strategies for Staying SafePurchase
Miller, Sandra, DVMFeeding Your Feline—NaturallyPurchase Kindle Edition
Miller, Sandra, DVMFeeding Your Canine -NaturallyPurchase
Morrissett, JohnSally and the YetiPurchase
Mohr, Lisa29 Strokes to Lavish Your LoverPurchase
Nehring, Heidi Under Willows. Over Flowers.Purchase
Nsima-Obot, Eno MDDr. Eno's A-to-Z Guide to Thriving with Type 2
Onyilofor, Linda and NnekaMy Brother AdamPurchaseWebsite
Olderman, RayGood as a Girl (a memoir)Purchase
Owens, RexDead
Owens, RexMurphy's TroublesPurchase
Owens, RexOut of DarknessPurchase
Peters, Brian A.The METUS Principle: Recognizing, Understanding, and Managing FearPurchaseKindle
Peters , Brian A. and Kristine E. HobaughI'm Just Not A Math Person!Purchase
Peters, Brian A. The Pocket Guide to Leadership PurchaseKindle Edition
Powell, ShawnDon’t Give Up On Me: Shedding Light on Addiction with Darryl StrawberryPurchase
Rashkow, Ron The Kow Jumped Over the MoonPurchase
Renz, Gregory LeeBeneath the
Rogan, Colonel John F. Our Wartime Love StoryPurchase
Roupp, SueMemoir Writing in 6 Easy Steps: Your Life CountsPurchase
Schroeder, Carol "Orange" Specialty Shop Retailing: How You Can Succeed in Today’s Market Purchase
Schabowski, Rick From Coin Toss to ChampionsPurchase
Sorg, TerriHeart FairyPurchase
Sorg, TerriHeart Fairy and FeelingsPurchase
Sorg, TerriHeart Fairy and Your FamilyPurchase
Sommers, MaryMore Than a MidwifePurchaseKindle Edition
Singing Man with Chevonne SwitzerSeven Sacred Directions: A Native American Message of TransformationPurchase Kindle Edition
Smith, C.J. Rock BottomPurchase
Stokes, Bill Margaret's
Tanguay, Robin L. The Willingness to
Vihos, LisaVan Gogh DreamsPurchase
Wenzler, JefferyThe Pivotal
KIndle Edition
Wehler, RickEast of Excelsior: A Senior's Minne-Sconsin StoriesPurchase
Wehler, RickNorth of Normal: Minne-Sconsin StoriesPurchaseKindle Edition
Wehler, RickSouth of Superior - More Minne-Sconsin StoriesPurchase
White, MillySpirit's Spark: Stories and Musings in PoemsPurchase
Zaferos, Bill Poison Pen Purchase
Zirkle, Ray Advertising the BeatlesPurchase