Author pens book on family mystery

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Name: Doris Green

Age: 70

Current town/city of residence: Spring Green in a log house on a hillside south of the Wisconsin River.

Connection to Racine County: Born in Racine, grew up in Mount Pleasant

Occupation: Writer

Title of book and publisher: “Elsie’s Story: Chasing a Family Mystery,” Henschel Haus, Milwaukee

Synopsis of book (plot): Haunted by my aunt’s death in a northern Wisconsin tavern when I was 12, I eventually embarked on a decades-long search combining journalistic inquiry and genealogy with hypnosis and alternative tools.

Uncovered: secrets, surprises, and, finally, a solution. This memoir begins with Aunt Elsie’s mysterious death in 1960 and concludes in 2017.

Is this your first book? I also authored “Explore Wisconsin Rivers” (Trails Books, 2008). Second editions of “Wisconsin Underground: A Guide to Caves, Mines, and Tunnels” and “Minnesota Underground,” are forth-coming soon from Henschel Haus.

Why did you write the book? Aunt Elsie’s death had a huge impact and left many questions. Was it suicide, accident or murder? I wanted to share her story.


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