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Welcome to HenschelHAUS Publishing, Inc.

To better serve our diverse clientele, who fill the spectrum from single-copy books to larger run, experienced authors, we have gathered the following companies under one roof:

The Publishing Prep School

The Publishing Prep SchoolWhether you are looking for guidance as you begin your book, or are a seasoned writer looking for ideas on how to market your book or articles, The Publishing Institute provides a solid foundation for helping you find focus and fulfillment. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the many tasks involved in writing and publishing a book. Book coaching helps break things down into manageable chunks, and also sets up a process of accountability. Together, we’ll achieve your dream of becoming a published author. publishingprepschool.com

Goblin Fern Press

Goblin Fern PressOur custom publishing imprint. Goblin Fern Press is our flagship publishing company, established in Madison, Wisconsin, in 2002 by Kira Henschel, to provide author services and publishing assistance to first-time authors.

MavenMark Books

Maven Mark BooksAre you an expert in your field? Do you have articles or white papers that could easily be gathered into book form? MavenMark Books publishes non-fiction books about very specific topics. Our authors are professionals in their fields who need books to spread the word about their particular areas. mavenmarkbooks.com

Radiant Heart Press

Radiant Heart PressA small custom-publishing imprint.


ThreeTowers Press

Three Towers PressThree Towers Press is the fiction imprint at HenschelHaus. For the most part, we publish historical fiction, but will consider novels in other genres. threetowerspress.com


Stepping Stone Books

stepping stone books

Stepping Stone Books is a division of award-winning HenschelHAUS Publishing, created to guide writers along the path of becoming published authors.

Co-authors provide one chapter on a specific topic. The Stepping Stone team of editors, designers, and proofreaders meld the chapters into an attractive book, ready for Amazon.com and other book outlets. Depending on the topic, each chapter could also be published as a mini-book on Kindle. steppingstonebooks.net

HenschelHAUS/Publishing Prep School Partners

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Kira Henschel, founder of HenschelHAUS Books

Kira Henschel is available for private book coaching and self-publisher consulting.

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