In the End, Will Blood be ‘Thicker Than Water’?

Shepherd ExpressEddy and Will are brothers on separate paths. Although they live only a few miles apart, in the Northwoods town of Moon Lake, they might as well be on different planets.

5-Star Review of “Nancer the Dancer”

Author Judith Gwinn Adrian has triumphed with this heartfelt work that expresses so much more than a simple health advice book could ever give you about living with a chronic and debilitating illness.

Héctor Colón on The Bill and Kali Show

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Héctor Cólon One-on-One Interview with Paul M. Neuberger

Hector on young gunsHéctor Cólon, President and CEO of Lutheran Social Services of WIsconsin and Upper Michigan joins Paul M. Neuberger for a discussion spanning servant leadership, boxing, and the best three pieces of advice he could give to someone looking to stay sharp.