Author Milly White Performs at Open Mic Night

Milly White, author of Spirit’s Spark: Stories and Musings in Poems, performed at Poetic License's Open Mic Night, 8/22.

Nō Studios Podcast with Author Lora Hyler

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“Good As a Girl” Review by Patricia McConnell

Review from The Other End of the Leash

GOOD AS A GIRL: A MEMOIR, by Ray Olderman.

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5-Star Review of “From Coin Toss to Championship”

From Coin Toss to ChampionshipThe author's love for the game is evident from the details and descriptions in the book and it is a good read for all those who want to recollect the scenes from the coin toss to winning the championship.

‘Sally and the Yeti:’ Erin Hills competitions director turns daughter’s bedtime story into book

"Back in the winter of 2007-2008, when my daughter was 6, I would put her to bed at night and turn on the night light, turn off the light and then I'd start to tell a story," said Morrissett. Soon, Morrissett was writing the story down 11 years later. "That's became 'Sally and the Yeti'," said Morrissett.