Review of “Human Understanding: An Engineer’s Analysis of Life, Getting to the Basics”

Brust is a nationally noted structural engineer who describes the process of organizing the concepts for this book as being similar to the requirements for his work in engineering. He has gathered all the necessary components and demonstrates how each one fits with the rest to provide a final template for putting ideas into action.

Two authors keep coming back to the Writers’ Institute—and keep finding success

Posted by Lisa Bauer

For 29 years, the University of Wisconsin–Madison Writers’ Institute has built its reputation as the Midwest’s … Read the rest

WORT Interview with “In Warm Blood” author Judy Adrian

Listen to an interview with In Warm Blood author Judy Adrian on the 8 O'clock Buzz.

Meaningful ways to celebrate Martin Luther King Day for kids and adults

You’ve no shortage of books that can help impart King’s legacy and its lasting importance. Middle-grade readers with interest in superheroes may appreciate books like “The Stupendous Adventures of Mighty Marty Hayes” by Lora L. Hyler.

“Your Life Matters” Interview

Watch an interview with "Your Life Matters" author Larry Cockerel on WTMJ-4 Milwaukee.

A Guide to Caves, Mines, and Tunnels in and Around the Badger State

Wisconsin is home to some beautiful pieces of nature that we can see every day. But what about the beauty and wonder that you can't see? "Wisconsin Underground" by Doris Green is a guide to the incredible caves, mines and tunnels hiding under the surface in our great state.

16 new books worth reading in 2019, including Nickolas Butler and a ‘Fonz’ murder mystery

In Hyler's middle-grade novel, a multicultural class of 7th graders get involved in gene editing, spy gadgets and superpowers.

“Conversations” Top 50 Non-Fiction Books of 2018

Matt Geiger's Astonishing Tales made the Conversations blog Top 50 Non-Fiction Books of 2018.