Gingold, survivor of the Shoah by tunnel, dies at 84

Sam Gingold, a Holocaust survivor who made an underground escape to raise a family on the West Side and Glendale, died July 14, 2018. He was 84. Gingold, of Shorewood, was the subject of “Tunnel, Smuggle, Collect: A Holocaust Boy,” a book by his son Jeffrey N. Gingold.

“Glorious” Book Launch August 1st

Marshall Cook has created a glorious cast of characters inhabiting a small Wisconsin town, from the joke-cracking radio DJ to the married owners of a diner. Beneath the surface of a town known for its Polar Plunge and Cow Chip Toss.

Author Kathy Collins on WMTJ-4

wtmj-4Watch an interview with writer and speaker Kathy Collins on her just-published book, The Mystic Chaplain, on WTMJ-4.