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HenschelHaus Publishing is delighted to be the new publisher of Kathleen Ernst’s Chloe Ellefson murder mystery series. The Weaver’s Revenge is now available.
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Thank you for visiting the HenschelHAUS website. We have a wide selection of non-fiction and fiction books to choose from and are happy to offer academic and quantity discounts.
If you have a memoir that is intended solely for friends and family, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss the project.

The Publishing Prep School is a top-notch resource for beginning and advanced authors. Should you require assistance on your manuscript, please feel free to contact any of the professional editors, proofreaders, translators, or designers. We also offer workshops and book coaching services.

Our imprints include:

Goblin Fern PressGoblin Fern Press – for custom-published books (smallest run, niche market)

Maven Mark BooksMavenMark Books – for non-fiction books FOR experts, BY experts.

Three Towers PressThree Towers Press – for fiction books

Publishing Prep SchoolThe Publishing Prep School – the place to get answers to many of the questions you were afraid to ask about publishing. Formerly the Publishing Institute.

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Kira Henschel, founder of
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Kira Henschel is available for private book coaching and self-publisher consulting.

Are you interested in self-publishing options? Save yourself time, money, and frustration – do it right the first time. Please contact Kira Henschel to find out more about book consulting services.