The following is a list of authors published by  or distributed through HenshelHaus Publishing.  Books may be purchased through the HenschelHAUS catalog.

Admire, DaveTerror in ParisPurchase
Adrian, Judith Gwinn and DarRen MorrisIn Warm BloodPurchaseWebsite
Algiers, AbbeyThe Great SearchPurchase

Kindle Edition
Algiers, AbbeyLa Gran BusquedaPurchaseKindle edition of la gran busqueda
Anderson, Meghan M.Bunny and the
Anderson-Little, Linda Motherhood Calling - Experiencing God in Everyday Family
Anonimo, AnthonyDark Corner of the MindPurchase
Artery Ink, LLC
Show Me Your Guts!Purchase
Arthur, TerriFatal Decision: Edith Cavell, World War I NursePurchaseKindle Edition
Arthur, TerriFatal Destiny: Edith Cavell, World War I NursePurchaseKindle Edition
Arthur, TerriFatal Decision: Edith Cavell, World War I Nurse (audio)PurchaseKindle Edition
Artka, Aga and Jenny RebholzThe Brand of You: The Ultimate Guide for an Interior Designer's Career
Baake, JillI Love Me Mom: A Guilt-Free Guide to Honoring Yourself and Empowering Your KidsPurchaseKindle Edition
Baumann, Richard JFoods That Made Wisconsin FamousPurchaseWebsite
Bean, PhylLawful EntryPurchase
Behan, SonyaMeant to DancePurchaseKindle
Berry, LaSonya101 Power Tips for the WorkplacePurchase
Biel, TomBadlands: A Collection of 10 Short StoriesPurchaseKindle Edition
Birmingham, BobMis-Shifting: Fast Cars, Fond Memories, Fine Friendships Purchase
Boehme, SunniMirror, Mirror: True Stories of Manifestation to Inspire the Magic Within You
Boehme, SunniDiary of a Turkish WeddingKindle Edition
Botnik, Randi4th-Dimensional Healing: A Guidebook for a New Paradigm of HealingPurchaseKindle
Braucht, ScottInto the Light: A Middle-Aged Man's Recovery from DepressionPurchaseKindle Edition
Burton, Shane AllenUntamed Devotions: Stories of a Wild GodOrder nowKindle Edition
Cattuti, CarmelaBetween the Cracks: One Woman's Journey from Sicily to AmericaPurchaseKindle
Chiarkas, NickWeepersHardcover/Paperback/
Certalic, JohnTHEM: The Richer Life Found in Caring for OthersPurchaseKindle
Chapman, BobIf We Can Do It, So Can YOU! PurchaseKindle
Christiansen, BethDaily MeditationsPurchaseKindle Edition
Christenson, Kinza193 Survival Tips for a Professional ImagePurchaseDistributed by HenschelHAUS Publishing
Peebles Publishing
Cravy, KatrinaON AIR: Insider Secrets to Attract the Media and Get Free
Christenson, KinzaBurnt Toast and JamPurchaseKindle Edition
Distributed by HenschelHAUS Publishing
Peebles Publishing
Crnokrak, JohnBeyond AmbitionKindle Edition
Crnokrak, JohnBe the Leader of the PackKindle Edition
Crnokrak, JohnHow to Be First, Daring and Different (2nd edition)Kindle Edition
Cox, Lynn usnpoken
Thoughts Unspoken: Messages from Cancer Patients and Their Loved Ones
Dare, J.M.36 Sense: Knowing You're Never AlonePurchaseKindle Edition
Deidre, AnneExtreme Intuitive MakeoverPurchaseKindle Edition
Deidre, AnneInner Circle Chronicles - Book 1PurchaseKindle Edition
Deidre, AnneInner Circle Chronicles - Book 2PurchaseKindle
Deidre, AnneInner Circle Chronicles - Book 3PurchaseKindle
Deidre, AnneThe Inner Circle Chronicles – Book 4Purchase
Deidre, AnneMiraculous: How Spiritual Awakening Cured My Depression, Inspired My Purpose, and Ignited the Intuitive Powers WithinPurchaseKindle Edition
Dellwo, LisaMy Name is HoneyPurchaseKindle Edition
Deveny, JoAnn KuzmaWhen Bluebirds Fly: Losing a Child, Living With HopePurchaseKindle Edition
Dowell, Mary J.Playing Through the
Dittrich, JillLoving Your Home at Any AgePurchaseWebsite
Dore, LindaUnchain Your Heart, Experience the Joy of FreedomPurchaseKindle Edition
Eastvold, June NilssenThe Boys on the Porch: An Allegory--Bridges from Fear to FaithPurchaseKindle
Einwalter, ArleneCalled to be Mystics: Exploring Our Spiritual JourneyOrder nowKindle Edition
Elliott, MaryHi, My Name is Max! Living It Up with Down
Ellwanger, JosephStrength for the Struggle: Insights from the Civil Rights Movement and Urban MinistryPurchaseKindle Edition
Ermenc, BJThe Cheshire Cat MoonOrder now
Ferderbar, PamFeng Shui + Charlotte NightingalePurchase
Ferentz, EllenBe Your Own
Fiore, Frank and TonyThe Lean, Mean Business MachinePurchaseAuthor Site
Freund, MarianOur Final Melody: Teaching My Dying Father How to Love MePurchaseAuthor Site
Geiger, MattThe Geiger Counter: Raised by Wolves and Other StoriesThe Geiger Counter
Gines, KarenDoodlingPurchaseKindle Edition
Gingold, JeffreyTunnel, Smuggle, Collect: A Holocaust BoyPurchaseKindle Edition
Gorden, JaniceLost Identity: My Story About MeKindle Edition
Goss, MargaretThe UncommittedPurchaseKindle
Gines, KarenLove is the Only CowboyKindle
Gray, Michael LoydNot Famous AnymorePurchaseKindle Edition
Green, K. ElizabethBuilding Spiritual Muscle: One Indigo’s Journey to SelfhoodPurchase
Grede, RobertThe Spur and SashPurchaseKindle Edition
Gutelius, Danielle Puppy Wise: Creating a Harmonious and Lasting Relationship with Your
Grede, RobertNaked MarketingPurchaseKindle Edition
Hill, SherylWalking on SunshinePurchaseKindle Edition
Hutcherson, “Jeoffree” Hot Chocolate HappinessPurchaseKindle
Hutcherson, JeoffreyTransformative New ThoughtsPurchase Audio
Jackson, PattyEnergy Bubbles 101Purchase
Karpek, DebCreating & Sustaining a Triving Reiki PracticePurchaseKindle Edition
Khatri, Bhupendra, MDHealing the Soul: Unexpected Stories of Courage, Hope, and the Power of MindPurchaseKindle Edition
Kocovsky, James The Composer and the BallerinaPurchase
Krueger, HenryTrials & Travels of My LifePurchase
The LaymanThe Universal ManPurchase
Lindow, VirginiaThat's the Way it WasPurchase
Mardak , DonArmageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey through Time and EternityPurchaseDistributed by HenschelHAUS Publishing
Mardak , DonSpiritual Healing for Today, Tomorrow & BeyondPurchase
Marshall, SusanLife. Be In It.PurchaseKindle Edition
Marshall, SusanOf Beauty and Substance: A Backbone Guide for WomenPurchaseKindle Edition
Author Site
Mazor, YairBridled Bird: The Poetry of Nathan Zach and Modern Hebrew PoetryPurchaseKindle Edition
Mazor, YairBroken Twig: The Poetry of Dalia Ravikovich and Modern Hebrew PoetryPurchaseKindle Edition
Mazor, YairThe Flower and the Fury: The Poetry of Yonah Wollach and Modern Hebrew PoetryPurchaseKindle Edition
Mazor, YairHounding the Hound of the BaskervillesPurchase
Mazor, YairA Poet Writes the Blues: The Modern Hebrew Poetry of Ronny SomeckPurchase
Mazor, YairNocturnal Lament: The Poetry of David Fogel, Harbinger of Modern Hebrew PoetryPurchaseKindle Edition
Mazor, YairUnder a Silky Sky: The Symbolist Poetry of Edith CovenskyPurchaseKindle Edition
McCue, Jeanne and Peg Masterson EdquistThe Transport of Hope: How One Humanitarian Made a Difference in the Balkan ConflictPurchase
Mazor, YairPoetic AcrobatPurchase
Miller, RoxanneThe Quest for Software RequirementsPurchase
Miller, Sandra, DVMFeeding Your Feline—NaturallyPurchase Kindle Edition
Miller, Sandra, DVMFeeding Your Canine -NaturallyPurchase
Minsker, Barbara SpangThe Joyful ProfessorPurchaseKindle Edition
Minsker, Barbara SpangJoyful U: Discovering the Path of Success and HappinessPre-orderAuthor Site
Mohr, LisaChildren, Animals, & Energy:
Mohr Insights About the Invisible Threads that Connect Us All
PurchaseKindle Edition
Mohr, LisaEliminate Bottom Feeders: The Proven Way to Attract Extraordinary PeoplePurchase
Mohr, LisaMohr Infinite Wisdom: Timeless Life Lessons for Today's WorldPurchaseKindle Edition
Mohr, LisaReiki 101: The NEW Mohr Method of Healing Level One Self-Study GuidePurchaseAuthor Site
Mohr, Lisa29 Strokes to Lavish Your LoverPurchase
Muth, DebraThe Dark Side of Injury: Worker's Compensation, Health Insurance, and the Medical-Pharmaceutical Industry: Tools for Protecting You and Your FamilyPurchaseKindle Edition
Nelson, JacqueMorning Messages from
Nelson, Jacque and DonLiving Without Edges: Teachings from the Loft ViewPurchaseKindle Edition
Onyilofor, Linda and NnekaMy Brother AdamPurchaseWebsite
Pann, TonyWeathering the Spiritual StormPurchase
Pann, TonyHow to Find a Good Weather Forecast
Patel, Narendra and Durga Indian Aesthetics, American SpiritPurchase
Peters, Brian and MissyI Wish You the Sun, the Moon, and the StarsPurchase
Peters, Brian A.The Four Noahs: If It's Meant to Be, It's Up to MePurchaseKindle
Peters, Brian A.The METUS Principle: Recognizing, Understanding, and Managing FearPurchaseKindle
Peters, Brian A. Not So Common Sense: Threats and 21st Century AmericaPurchaseKindle Edition
Peters, Brian A. The Pocket Guide to Leadership PurchaseKindle Edition
Phillipy, David A. The MS Warriors: Reversing Disability from Multiple Sclerosis Through Strength
Preston, DonRight on ScheduleKindle Edition
Purpero, Charles29 Hours (a novel)PurchaseKindle Edition
Raber, Mike and SabrinaParenting that Makes Cents: One Family's Journey to Raising Financially Savvy KidsPurchase
Ritacca, Loren PhillipA Mystic Nightingale: Reflections on the Spiritual LifePurchaseKindle Edition
Reis, SusanFive Sacred Minutes to Your Joyful Self
Kindle Edition
Retzlaff, NancyCinderella Doesn't Live Here AnymorePurchaseKindle Edition |
Yates Rivers, AvisNecessary Inclusion: Embracing the Changing Faces of>
Riseling, SusanA View from the Interior: Policing the Protests at the Wisconsin State Capitol PurchaseKindle Edition
Rose, DouglasBolt (a novel)PurchaseKindle Edition
Rose, TeriTouched by CancerPurchase
Sachs, IsraelLegacy of LifePurchase
Sammarco, Teresa "T"The What If BookPurchase
Seila, David & Michael SkubalThe Group Home (a novel) Purchase
Sell, DennisThe Glory Days of Algoma High School Boys’ Basketball (1948-1968)Purchase
Sommers, MaryMore Than a MidwifePurchaseKindle Edition
Singing Man with Chevonne SwitzerSeven Sacred Directions: A Native American Message of TransformationPurchase Kindle Edition
Skubal, Michael and Joseph
Suess, ColleenThriving Wisely: A Breast Cancer Thriver's Guide to Building a Natural DefensePurchase
Sullivan, KerryLucy the Pirate PupPurchase
Szantor, JimLOL-i-Gags: One-liners, irreverent opinions, fun factoids, and astute observations about our wild and wacky world . .
Tanguay, Robin L. The Willingness to
Taylor-Carlson, Cari Life on the Loose
Life on the Loose: My Journey from Suburban Housewife to Outdoor Guide
Tomar, Dr. RussellDon't Stop DreamingPurchaseKindle Edition
Trotter, MatthewClara Trotter - Be Joyful AlwaysPurchase
Tsotsis, BasilBecause We Are GreeksPurchaseKindle Edition
Van Scotter, RichardThin Ice: Race, Sports, and Awakening in the 1950sPurchase
Voss, Karen E.That's All I Got! Thrival: A Widow's Journey After SuicidePurchase
Wasserman, SusanThe Celestial Chorus WithinPurchaseKindle Edition
Wenzler, JefferyThe Pivotal
KIndle Edition
Wehler, RickNorth of Normal: Minne-Sconsin StoriesPurchaseKindle Edition
Whelden, JodyStopping By the Side of the Road: A Story about DyingPurchaseKindle Edition
White, MaryWe Walk By Faith & Not By SightPurchaseKindle Edition
Wodke, ChristineRunning For My Life, Winning for CMTPurchaseKindle Edition
Yant, Reese L.Pants on FireOrder nowKindle Edition
Yahola, DonnaMino-bimaadiziiwin - The Good LifePurchase
Zamora, Chuck Chuck Zamora's Little Black Book of QuotesPurchase

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