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HenschelHAUS Imprints

Welcome to HenschelHAUS Publishing!

We are an independent and traditional publishing house that works closely with authors to produce timely, high-quality paperback, hardcovers, e-books, and audiobooks. Under the leadership of CEO book maven Kira Henschel and building on the achievements of award-winning Goblin Fern Press, founded in 2002, HenschelHAUS prides itself on offering a positive publishing experience to both new and experienced authors.

We welcome your manuscript submission for non-fiction, fiction, or custom publishing. Please follow our submission guidelines. HenschelHAUS will accept non-agented books; please ensure that your manuscript has been edited, proofread, and complies with our submission guidelines.

The Publishing Prep School is a top-notch resource for beginning and advanced authors. Should you require assistance on your manuscript, please feel free to contact any of the professional editors, proofreaders, translators, or designers. We also offer workshops and book coaching services.

Our imprints include:

Goblin Fern Press Goblin Fern Press – for custom-published books (smallest run, niche market)
Maven Mark Books
MavenMark Books - for non-fiction books FOR experts, BY experts
Three Towers Press Three Towers Press - for fiction books
The Publishing Prep School The Publishing Prep School – the place to get answers to many of the questions you were afraid to ask about publishing
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Joyful U:Discovering the Path of Success and Happiness

Joyful UBarbara Spang Minsker

Mindful Living with Purpose and Resilience

Discover what success and happiness mean to you.
Start living a rich, full, and meaningful life.
Set your compass to your own unique path of success and happiness.
Once your compass is set, learn how to:

  • Simplify and focus your life to make time for new directions. And for parents, we even talk about the special demands of parenting and how to balance your needs and passions with your children’s.
  • How to get help from others when you need it.
  • Float with life’s chaos more peacefully.
  • Get past the stumbling blocks on the path of success and happiness.
  • Adapt to life’s challenges.
  • Lighten childhood baggage.
  • Rediscover your playful inner child to bring more joy into everyday life.

Your journey’s just beginning. Let Joyful U’s approach, Mindful Living with Purpose and Resilience, help you chart a course that’s rewarding and filled with the joys of meaningful pursuits and relationships. After all, isn’t that what happiness and success are about?

Pre-order now for free shipping!

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Of Beauty and Substance: A Backbone Guide for Women

of beauty and substanceSusan Marshall

What creates a woman of beauty and substance? Hardship. Loss. Disappointment. Mistakes. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Love. The tough stuff we label as bad and try to avoid and the good stuff we wish we could learn and apply more quickly.  Through struggle, we learn lessons about our true strength. By facing hardship, we recognize that life is difficult and that we are up to the challenge of living it well.  In forgiveness we find relief and peace. When we forgive others, we discover our capability to survive hurtful words and deeds. In this strength, we move forward.  This book is about you and your remarkable future.

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