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HenschelHAUS Imprints

Welcome to HenschelHAUS Publishing!

We are an independent and traditional publishing house that works closely with authors to produce timely, high-quality paperback, hardcovers, e-books, and audiobooks. Under the leadership of CEO book maven Kira Henschel and building on the achievements of award-winning Goblin Fern Press, founded in 2002, HenschelHAUS prides itself on offering a positive publishing experience to both new and experienced authors.

We welcome your manuscript submission for non-fiction, fiction, or custom publishing. Please follow our submission guidelines. HenschelHAUS will accept non-agented books; please ensure that your manuscript has been edited, proofread, and complies with our submission guidelines.

The Publishing Prep School is a top-notch resource for beginning and advanced authors. Should you require assistance on your manuscript, please feel free to contact any of the professional editors, proofreaders, translators, or designers. We also offer workshops and book coaching services.

Our imprints include:

Goblin Fern Press Goblin Fern Press – for custom-published books (smallest run, niche market)
Maven Mark Books
MavenMark Books - for non-fiction books FOR experts, BY experts
Three Towers Press Three Towers Press - for fiction books
The Publishing Prep School The Publishing Prep School – the place to get answers to many of the questions you were afraid to ask about publishing
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Healing the Soul: Unexpected Stories of Courage, Hope, and the Power of Mind

healing-the-soul-unexpected-stories-of-courage-hope-and-the-power-of-mindBhupendra Khatri, MD

In the last few decades, Western medicine has seen incredible advances in technology to treat the sick. That’s the good news. The bad news is that with the demands on their time, falling reimbursements from the government, improved medications, and restrictions imposed by insurance carriers, doctors often depend more on computers than on their own instincts and experience in caring for their patients.

As a neurologist who deals daily with crippling and sometimes fatal conditions,

Dr. Bhupendra Khatri has become increasingly aware of the mind-body connection and the incredible power of the subconscious to heal, postpone death, and deal with unspeakable circumstances. The many stories in Healing the Soul: Unexpected Stories of Courage, Hope, and the Power of Mind describe the lessons the author has learned from his patients, as well as current research about the resiliency of the human spirit. Within these pages are stories of courage, inexplicable medical miracles, and disappointing transactions with intractable insurance companies.

Dr. Khatri has been encouraged many healthcare providers, journalists, and patients to share these stories, as well as his research into issues he raises in the book, in hopes of inspiring patients and their families and shedding light on little-known contradictions in the U.S. healthcare system.

Pre-order now for free shipping on advance orders placed by October 15, 2014

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That’s The Way It Was: A Depression-Era Memoir

that-s-the-way-it-was-a-depression-era-memoirVirginia Nielsen Lindow

That’s The Way It Was—A Depression-Era Memoir delightfully portrays the childhood spent growing up on a farm in a small Danish community in Wisconsin. The 1930s—the Depression years—were hard times, and the family made the best of it by growing their own vegetables, canning anything that could be stored in that fashion, including meat, all in preparation for the winter ahead.

Author Virginia Nielsen Lindow recalls picturesque incidents around the farm, going to school, holidays, and other events celebrated and mourned by three generations of Nielsens and Rasmusens.

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