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HenschelHAUS Imprints

Welcome to HenschelHAUS Publishing!

We are an independent and traditional publishing house that works closely with authors to produce timely, high-quality paperback, hardcovers, e-books, and audiobooks. Under the leadership of CEO book maven Kira Henschel and building on the achievements of award-winning Goblin Fern Press, founded in 2002, HenschelHAUS prides itself on offering a positive publishing experience to both new and experienced authors.

We welcome your manuscript submission for non-fiction, fiction, or custom publishing. Please follow our submission guidelines. HenschelHAUS will accept non-agented books; please ensure that your manuscript has been edited, proofread, and complies with our submission guidelines.

The Publishing Prep School is a top-notch resource for beginning and advanced authors. Should you require assistance on your manuscript, please feel free to contact any of the professional editors, proofreaders, translators, or designers. We also offer workshops and book coaching services.

Our imprints include:

Goblin Fern Press Goblin Fern Press – for custom-published books (smallest run, niche market)
Maven Mark Books
MavenMark Books - for non-fiction books FOR experts, BY experts
Three Towers Press Three Towers Press - for fiction books
The Publishing Prep School The Publishing Prep School – the place to get answers to many of the questions you were afraid to ask about publishing
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Joseph Catalano & Michael Skubal

In the early 1980’s two mosaics purchased by Art Termini from the Vatican Mosaic Studio in Rome were stolen from his home on Titan Court in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. The FBI, along with local and state police, tried in vain to find the thief.

Mosaic is a novel based on a true story. Art Termini grew up in Milwaukee’s “Historic Third Ward,” a Sicilian enclave in the heart of the city. Follow Art from his first kiss to a liaison in the bathroom of a palazzo belonging to the Prince of Afghanistan. Learn how an intrepid reporter tracks down the elusive Art after another of Art’s purchases, The Martyrdom of St. Valeria and St. Martial, is sold at Christie’s Auction House in New York in 2012 for $200,000.

Meet Robert McNamara, Mayor Henry Maier of Milwaukee, Italian Grand Prix driver Rayme DeToro, Sam LaMalfa, John Saxon, Cosimo Mascari, and Uncle Tony Balls, just a few of the characters Art meets in a life well lived. It is all the subjects you were told never to talk about: the Catholic Church, the Mafia, love and lust, theft and revenge.

Pre-order now for free shipping – hardcover/paperback. Available Dec. 2014

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Fatal Destiny: Edith Cavell, World War I Nurse

Terri Arthur

nurse cavellAn inspiring story everyone should know…and will never forget!

Based on historical fact, this captivating novel tells the story of the legendary Edith Cavell, a British nurse whose duties as a healer clashed with the demands of a ruthless occupying regime during World War I. At the request of a brilliant,
hot-headed surgeon, Edith went from London to Brussels to create Belgium’s first school of nursing. At the height of her success, the German army marched into neutral Belgium and took over her hospital and school.

Knowing the dangers of working against the repressive and brutal control of the German occupiers, Edith joined the Resistance movement. Her life was then plunged into the dangerous and clandestine world of the Belgian Underground, where she became a key link in the rescuing of Allied soldiers separated from their units. For nine months, this quiet, religious nurse went about saving over a thousand soldiers under the very noses of the German command.

“Patriotism is not enough.” —Edith Cavell

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